The  Tech Tour – Mobility Summit and the  Super Scaling Programme, two initiatives of Tech Tour and the International Venture Club (IVC), will take place in Munich on the 13-14 of November (dates TBC). It will focus on showcasing the best investment opportunities within the mobility industries in Europe. There will be an Investor Venture Club Roundtable, CEO Academy Sessions and an Opening Gala taking place during the first day of the event.

The agenda includes 30 Scale-Up  and 15-25 Super Scale-Up Companies presentations by CEOs, discussion panels, keynotes and top-level networking. 220 guests will be present, representing the "Who's Who" of the Cleantech and Venture Capital market.

The programme will revolve around the following six sectors:
  • Electrification: Storage, Charging and Electric Vehicles
  • Hydrogen Mobility: Storage, Charging and Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Autonomous Transport: Sensors & Semiconductors and Autonomous Solutions
  • Logistics: Multi-modal Transport and Shipping & Freight
  • Smart Mobility: Vehicle leasing/Fleet management, Sharing Solutions and Micro Mobility
  • Air Transport: Urban Air Mobility, Drones and Long-Distance Air Transport

Key stats of the event:

1 Great location
2 Hosting networks: Tech Tour + International Venture Club 
2 Days to engage with successful peers and decision makers 
30 Scale-Ups-  CEOs of high-performing growth companies in Mobility industries 

15-25 Super Scale-Ups - Success stories of the most successful companies in the sector
10+ Corporate development leaders 
45+ International VC investors and specialist intermediaries
220+ Participants of this exclusive event

Confirm your interest

If you need further information about the event or about confirming your interest please email hhristov@techtour.com.



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