Industry Chapters, Roundtables and Smart Capital

To improve member interaction, particularly among investors with sector specific interests, the IVC Council has initiated industry-specific chapters as of January 2016, in particular the Healthtech, Sustainability and Digital Tech chapters.

Each chapter is chaired by a Member who also sits on the IVC Council. This facilitates harmonisation across the activities within each sector. The Council is responsible for cross-cutting activities such as the annual member event and other initiatives. Besides leading the thematic roundtables, each chapter lead also engages interested members in intermittent webinars on a theme with a guest speaker and/or member presentations on new investment opportunities or specific sector issues. This also facilitates sharing relations with strategic partners in specific chapters or tracks. The half-day invitation-only roundtables are built to provide room to share investment opportunities, knowledge and discuss relevant mutual initiatives. Each roundtable takes the theme of the following industry Summit, e.g. the roundtable preceding the Tech Tour Cleantech Summit unites members interested in cleantech and then focuses on the emerging investment treads in materials, mobility, energy-efficiency, etc. 


In order to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships, the members of the International Venture Club gather three to six times a year at Investor Roundtables preceding industry Summits and once a year at the Smart Capital event.



Smart Capital is the IVC’s annual flagship event. Set around a central theme, each edition addresses relevant practical measures that are relevant to all investor types, regardless of industry focus. The programme involves deal syndication roundtable discussions, best practice workshops and improving performance master classes. There is also a team building part of this event, e.g. in the 2015 edition members participated in a regatta race, in the 2016 edition they raced on the legendary Estoril Grand Prix track. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Investor Networking - An exclusive investor-only environment, perfect for deal making and  relationship building with the right people across geographies, industries and investor-types.
  • Fundraising Relations - Personal contacts with potential institutional, governmental, corporate & family investors across Europe and emerging markets.
  • Exposure in the investment community - Get recognised as a potential partner in a cross-border deal syndication.