About the International Venture Club

The collaborative platform of leading independent  venture capital, corporate, governmental and institutional investors

Formed in 2011, and managed by Tech Tour from its creation, the main purpose of the Club is to enhance the relationship among private investors, corporate investors and a variety of strategic partners. It operates internationally, across a variety of sectors in order to facilitate co-investment, partnerships and harvesting opportunities by financing innovative companies.


Founded by active investors, the community was so efficient over the years, that its membership grew by an average of 35% annually to surpass 80 members in 2017, topping $ 2 billion in raised funds for high-tech companies in the healthcare sector alone! A recent survey shows that 67% of the members found co-investors for different projects within the Club from 2015 to 2016, solidifying the effectiveness of the community.


The Club facilitates inter-investor relationship building, co-investment, and identifying investment opportunities by engaging members to: 


  • Meet other members and relevant invited VC, PE and corporate investors to roundtable events under the Chatham House Rule
  • Participate in tech industry summits to review and/or promote companies
  • Take part in tech industry chapters to identify and/or engage with potential partners
  • Access a vast database, containing the profiles of innovative companies, co-investors and corporate strategic investors taking part of the Tech Tour Summits
  • Gain visibility as a renowned expert at international level across the Tech Tour community.


International Venture Club Members



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